Whether representing a university or the home team, Fanatic Lights supplies high-grade, custom, super bright, alternating (or single) colored, gumball shaped, LED bulb strands that will make you stand out from the crowd.  Fanatic Lights is a great way for sports fans to show off the colors they take pride in.  The lights, which come in unique color combinations, are available in battery operated and AC power (plug in) strands. These are a must have for sports fans everywhere! Why hide your pride when you can party like an all-star all year long with Fanatic Lights!

When there is no electrical outlet to be found these will still be lighting up the sky with any team’s colors!  Put them up, turn them on and tailgating is turned up a notch!  They are also a great addition to indoor and outdoor parties. The unbreakable bulb covers and the weather proof battery pack make them perfect for any occasion. A must have for fanatics everywhere!

Plug Fanatic Lights into one outlet and connect all your strands with the end to end connectors.  Imagine houses glowing in team colors for the holidays. Christmas trees shining team colors through the windows of every house for all to see!  And Fanatic Lights are a can’t miss addition to man caves everywhere!  Don’t just be a fan, be a fanatic!

Fanatic Lights are also known as Gumball Camping Lights or Gumball Lights.


Fanatic Lights are great for: tailgating/sports team fanatics, indoor/outdoor decorating, parties, holidays, camping, fraternities & sororities, college dorm rooms, company events, man caves, weddings, RV decorating and more!